How do I cancel my reservation?


There are 2 ways to cancel your reservation:

  1.  Your confirmation email may include a button to "Change or Cancel" your reservation. On the webpage that loads, click "Change" or "Cancel" from there. Please note that you may need to login to your Reserve account to make this change.

  2. If you cannot access your confirmation email, you are always welcome to contact the restaurant directly to change or cancel your reservation.

Some restaurants have specific cancellation policies for certain reservations. If you agreed to a restaurant's cancellation policy when you booked, the policy will be visible in your confirmation email and in the app when you tap "Cancellation Policy" on the reservation details screen.

If you'd like to reschedule and don't see availability for the change online, please contact the restaurant directly.

Please note: Once your reservation is confirmed, a restaurant is setting aside a table especially for you. Reserve has access to great tables because we give our restaurants peace of mind that diners will arrive for their reservations. We understand that plans can change, but we ask that you please give the restaurant as much advance notice as possible for any changes or cancellations. For more on cancellation policies and fees, please read: What is Reserve's cancellation policy?

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